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Travis walter

Owner / Manager

20+ years experience at Bain

Master Plumber

Certified HVAC Technician

patty walter

Office Manager

35+ years experience at Bain

Journeyman Plumber

Sheet metal fabricator


anna walter

Administrative Assistant

4 years experience at Bain

19 years business experience


Garrett moritz

10 years experience at Bain

Journeyman Plumber

nathan hunsucker

7 years experience at Bain

Journeyman Plumber


John Edwin Bain photo


In 1936, after working at Conrad Creamery, John Edwin Bain opened the plumbing shop, Bain Plumbing & Heating Inc., in Conrad.

John Erwin Bain photo
Patty (Bain) Walter photo
Travis Walter photo


In 1954, his son John Erwin Bain returned home from the military and worked alongside his father until his passing in 1956 at the age of 57. The father and son worked together for only 1½ years before the son was left with the business. 

John Erwin Bain had five children - two sons, and three daughters. It was his daughter, Patty, who joined him in the later 1970’s working in the office during the summers.


In the spring of 1983, Patty (bain) walter started working full-time, splitting time between the office and going out on the job with her father. John and Patty worked side-by-side for 20 years. Her son, Travis, started working alongside his grandpa afterschool and during the summers at 14 years old in 1997.


After graduating high school in the Spring of 2001, Travis began his Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) education at Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. In May of 2002, Travis Walter graduated with top honors and came home to continue his career at Bain Plumbing & Heating.  

When John Erwin passed away unexpectedly in January 2003, the business was faced with needing a plumbing license to operate. Dave Huyghe stepped up to take the Master Plumber’s exam while Patty and Ken Judisch took the Journeyman Plumber License exams. Thankfully, all passed and the business continued with Travis enrolled as an apprentice. 

While starting a family of his own, Travis worked to complete his apprenticeship and passed the exam to become a Journeyman plumber in June 2008. After working alongside his mother Patty and Ken for 4 years, Travis passed his Master Plumber’s exam in 2012 making him Bain Plumbing & Heating's Master Plumber.  


Since then, the business has hired two more technicians, Garrett and Nathan, which allowed Patty to manage the office full time. In late 2019, the business ownership was transferred to Travis and his wife, Anna, who joined the business helping with office duties.




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